At Black Key Diamonds, we believe
that to give someone jewellery is a privilege
and a moment to be treasured.

From jewellery design and sourcing diamonds across the
globe to manufacturing and delivery, we’ll serve as your
personal jeweller and seamlessly guide you
through the entire process.


Based in Cape Town, we specialise in offering both local and international clients exceptional stones, precious metals, and world-class jewellery designs at highly competitive prices. Regardless of where you live, we go above and beyond to meet your unique needs.

Craig Denbury is the passionate founder and owner of Black Key Diamonds. With over a decade’s experience producing top-class diamond jewellery, he will work closely with you to help find the perfect piece that adheres to your unique needs and budget. Most importantly, he’ll help you find a jewellery piece that you, or that someone special in your life, will absolutely adore.

“At Black Key Diamonds, we live for that uncontrollable smile that comes to her face – the moment that tells you it’s perfect.”

– Craig Denbury

The Process of Bespoke Jewellery Design

As unique as your other half, our approach to jewellery design gives you the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind, distinctive piece you can treasure for life.

To start the process, we’ll need to know a bit more about what you are looking for – things like design ideas, metal choice and stone shape. If you’re not sure, check out the Getting Started and Inspiration sections below.

After we have discussed all the options and decided on what you want, we’ll source an exceptional selection of diamonds or gemstones and send you a few options in the form of a quote.

Once you have selected a preference and accepted the quote, we’ll start the design and manufacturing process. From this point to completion, it usually takes about 2–3 weeks. When the final product is finished, we safely package and send it to wherever you are in the world.

Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings and Jewellery in a Diamond Jewellery Store in Cape Town – Black Key Diamonds.

Getting Started

Here are some useful facts about Diamonds, Gems and Precious Metals that will help simplify the process for you. Think of this as your Jewellery Masterclass.

The 4 C’s

4 key factors determine the value of a diamond: Carat, Cut, Clarity, Colour.

Diamond Selector

Every diamond is one of a kind, but they can be cut into a variety of shapes.


Gems for jewellery or investment, we’ll give you the low down.


Platinum, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold?

Ring Sizer

An easy way to determine your girlfriend’s ring size.


Some guys know exactly what they want, others need a little inspiration. Either way, here are a few recent examples of our work. What do you like? And more importantly, what will she like?


Free Guide: How To Choose The Ring

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss the process of creating a bespoke piece of jewellery with us. We’re happy to help!
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